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interactive emails

Just in case you arrived at 2022 thinking that your email strategy is all sorted and everything is ticking along nicely…there are still a few tricks up our sleeves we can use.

Let’s talk about an experience that will make you dizzy with excitement of bringing your email marketing efforts much further.


Drumroll please!


Interactive content – the innovation that will add value to your emails, bringing the narratives and storytelling to new levels and experiences. 



No more passive consumption; interactive material can trigger additional action inside of the email, in other words, viewers can actively participate and contribute effectively to the content.

By way of example, after a customer has purchased a product, they can then have the option to easily select a star rating directly within an after sales email, without the need to login to an account, not even waiting for a landing page to load. 

Thus, immediate product & service reviews can easily be achieved directly from an email.


Another option of this interactive content is to allow sales within a micro shop embedded in an email. This technique greatly enhances impulse buys by offering purchase incentives and / or offering voucher redemptions. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Appointments can be integrated with calendars which then can translate into improved conversion rates. This will definitely increase the credibility of what you are offering. 

Email readers can also engage with answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios, interactive infographics, ebooks, assessments, quizzes, lookbooks, interactive white papers, calculators and so much more. And that is where creativity comes into play for us marketers.


Individuals have to think and respond, and that itself is the best possible source of data that we marketers are so hungry for. At the same time the user will appreciate reaching new engaging, educational and differentiated content experiences. 

That true two-way dialogue is where we will gain deeper insight and make better choices, build better strategies and personas, plan marketing tactics to influence the buyer’s journey, repurpose existing content and ultimately convert and sell at a higher level.

You may ask “How effective is the use of interactive content in helping the organization achieve its content marketing goals?” We allowed ourselves to use the data collected by our partner  mailix:


The numbers speak for themselves. 


Here is even more good news!

We are currently implementing mailix, an interactive email editor in our Sagitari platform. As you know, e-mails are the apple of our eye :) and we want to provide our users with the most innovative solution possible.

So what are the advantages ahead of us? Improved conversion, reduced marketing costs, pushed engagement, increased relevance, extended reach and revived the joy of emailing. Thank you mailix!

The increasing economy of younger, digital-savvy consumers with high expectations and demands will soon make interactive content an imperative. 


So it is not a question of whether you should use it but rather how soon can we deploy it. 


Send an email to and let’s make your business future proof together.


This blog article was supported by our strategic partner mailix whose research and data contributed to our clear vision on Interactive Email revolution. 




interactive emails

The Age of the Customer – Interactive Content

Just in case you arrived at 2022 thinking that your email strategy is all sorted and everything is ticking along nicely…there are still a few tricks up our sleeves we can use.

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