Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)- Essential Guide

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Let's start our first expert check on the email marketing Industry Pulse by looking at changes that we were all expecting for some time now.

Essential Guide to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)

Just when you thought you’ve got it all figured out and nothing will faze you, surprise! Yet again Apple is making sure we are not sitting on our laurels.

So take a deep breath and let’s try to overcome the new challenges together.


What is Apple MPP and why is it important?


Since its launch on 20 September 2021, Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) now makes it harder to determine if or when an email message has been opened using Apple’s Mail app.

It also makes it harder to understand the device used and any geolocation data (IP addresses are hidden).

Essentially, MPP now means you can no longer be sure your contact has opened your email, which is a big headache!


What can we do about it?


Firstly, the good news is that MPP is not enabled by default (so far!), plus it doesn’t affect other email apps such as Gmail.

Panic no more, there are ways to navigate in the new reality. After extensive research, long discussions and sleepless nights our brave team of experts suggest following actions:

  • Confirm the number of Apple mail users in your contact base – that will help you estimate the scale of impact on open rates.
  • Content still matters! Use all of your powers to make your emails more clickable. Well researched keywords, good offers, top of the charts personalization and segmentation will increase email opening ratio – and that data is still measurable – and is definitely worth the effort.
  • Update A/B tests to include click rates & unsubscribe rates. Open rates are no longer reliable when it comes to Apple Mail subscribers. Focus instead on getting better acquainted with analyzing and comparing the click rates.
  • Clean your mailing list by running a re-engagement campaign to identify which subscribers are no longer engaging with your emails. That way you can focus on an audience based on more relevant clicks, which in turn, should boost your sender reputation.
  • The world is forever evolving, so stay tuned with the ‘industry pulse’ blog – we can give your heart a jump of excitement!


Through the grapevine, we can confirm that there are no signals that any other mailbox provider is planning on using similar technology.

If the whole Apple MPP thing sounds like gibberish and makes you want to scream (!) then please let us know, we are here to help.

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