Anty-Spam Policy

Each Sagitari client is thoroughly vetted before being permitted to use our software.

Each client must agree to abide by our strict anti spam policies and follow industry best practices as advised by our deliverability team and other team members on a constant, ongoing basis.

Sagitari actively monitors client emails for inappropriate content or poor mailing practices and addresses each incident accordingly.

All emails sent through Sagitari offer the ability to withdraw consent via an unsubscribe link that is mandatory for each email sent to provide subscribers and recipients of such emails the power to immediately stop receiving unwanted communication. We also remain available to ensure that this process is respected 

And enforced respectively. Any tampering, removal or otherwise changing of this link is strictly prohibited. It must remain freely accessible to anyone on the mailing list of each customer at all times.

Sagitari offers a Double opt-in or ‘Confirmed opt-in’ option to all customers using our software and we actively encourage them to utilize it. We feel this is one of the best ways to ensure that individuals on mailing lists are better protected from unwanted email.

All subscribers added to our system must be confirmed as having given explicit permission to receive emails from our customers. We enforce this rule and check as as we deem necessary.

Sagitari strictly prohibts the use of purchased email lists, harvested email lists, scraped or otherwise against best practices types of lists in our system. We actively monitor mailing lists being uploaded to our system to ensure compliance. 

We strictly monitor that all customers are adhering to the aforementioned policies and further require all software users to confirm that they will abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in termination of an agreement, and in more severe cases cooperation with law enforcement for any violation of laws where required by law.

Sagitari maintains a direct line of communication for people who believe they were spammed by our users. We take all spam or abuse complaints extremely seriously and investigate each claim directly. If an individual feels unsure or dissatisfied with how we may have handled a claim, we strongly suggest that the affected individual reach out to the appropriate authorities or governing bodies to ensure that compliance with your rights have been met.

Sagitari works with multiple anti spam organizations around the globe and in multiple languages to ensure that all mailing list recipients and their information provided to us about spam, as well as their rights are treated with absolute seriousness. We work directly with with anti spam blacklists to deal with serious concerns directly also to ensure that all bad actors are properly addressed immediately. 

All data controlled by Sagitari is stored in some of the world’s most secure data facilities and access to it is limited to an as needed basis, by the individuals with specific need within our organization or any partners we require to further the protection of your data. We employ rigorous data protection strategies and technologies to ensure that your data is thoroughly protected and secure.