Email is the king maker of modern marketing channels.
That is the very reason why we designed our responsive system in a way that nurtures the unique needs of our clients.

  • When your business is on the line, never settle for less.
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns and let your business grows with Sagitari.
  • We integrate quickly and seamlessly!

What features can you find in
Sagitari system?

Personalization mergewords

We make it personal. In no time you will be on first name terms with all your clients.

Our dynamic content for email helps you create personalized campaigns. Sagitari helps you personalize your content and tailor it for each individual subscriber quickly with no fuss.


Better suited, well targeted offers – the foundation of your future success. Easy to use segmentation tool for the contact list will target the right people at the right time.

Email creator

Grow your audience with unique and highly responsive emails. Our unique Drag & Drop email creator enables engaging content to accelerate your business.


Delivering speed and convenience through our automation processes: our Self Contained Marketing Communication System will help you to schedule messages and create segments based on the future events.


Import your files the easy way. Our system offers secure and easy-to-use features to allow you to import CSV files from computer and ftp servers. Seamless file sharing will make your work that much easier.


Uncover where your success lies and make it better by using detailed reporting on the campaign’s performance. Use the most insightful metrics and drive your business forward.

Report creator

Creating multiple reports to view anytime, anywhere. Database and campaign reports once generated can be accessed again with ease and convenience.


Benchmark your business against best in class and get a pulse of your performance using our control centre dashboard.

Contact list

Storage for all contacts – even the ones with multiple email addresses and phone numbers! No more problems with numerous contact details assigned to a single user.

Domains and IPS

Use multiple domains, email domains and dedicated IP addresses. Keep all your campaigns under one roof and tailor your sending programs.

User management

All hands on deck. Allow multiple users to access clients’ accounts. Give your team the control they need with a fully customizable user management system.


Avail of our API to automate processes faster. Sagitari will integrate with tools used by the client and extract data at their convenience.

Sagitari is not only technology.

Our personalized support system makes us unique in the marketplace.

Behind its spectacular success is a group of passionate people who are the real power house of Sagitari. With years of experience in the business, we know what works. We are fully dedicated to helping you with strategy, analytics, template design and beyond to reach the success that belongs to you!

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